This page provides a collection of multi-agency links pertaining to mineral exploration, geology, and land records in Alaska.

Land records

  • Alaska Mapper

    Interactive access to State of Alaska land records. Query, research and verify state land ownership and land use.

  • BLM and DNR Plats & Surveys

    Locate, research and verify land ownership and land use on state and federal lands within the State of Alaska. Access state and federal plats and survey documents.

  • DNR Land Administration System (LAS)

    DNR case file and land abstracts, useful for researching claim ownership.

  • DNR Recorder's Office

    Statewide database of public records.

  • BLM Spatial Data Management System

    The SDMS website provides access to on-line BLM-Alaska land record documents, reports and GIS data.

  • BLM General Land Office

    Live access to Federal land conveyance records for the Public Land States, includes federal land patents, survey plats and field notes, and land status records.

Maps and publications

Geology and data

  • Alaska Geochemical Database Version 2.0 (USGS)

    Granitto, Matthew, Bailey, E.A., Schmidt, J.M., Shew, N.B., Gamble, B.M., and Labay, K.A., 2013, Alaska Geochemical Database Version 2.0 (AGDB2) - Including "best value" data compilations for rock, sediment, soil, mineral, and concentrate sample media: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 759, 20 p. pamphlet and database, 1 DVD.

  • Alaska Geochemical Database (USGS)

    Granitto, Matthew, Bailey, E.A., Schmidt, J.M., Shew, N.B., Gamble, B.M., and Labay, K.A., 2011, Alaska Geochemical Database (AGDB) - Geochemical data for rock, sediment, soil, mineral, and concentrate sample media: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 637, 31 p. pamphlet and database, 1 DVD

  • WebGeochem: DGGS Geochemical sample analysis search engine

    Freeman, L.K., Browne, C.B., Seitz, M.S., McCamish, John, and Guild, J.A., 2005, WebGeochem: DGGS Geochemical Sample Analysis Search Engine. While not comprehensive, this database provides listing of geochemical data presented in DGGS publications.

  • Alaska Paleontological Database

    This paleontology database contains detailed information on fossils and fossil localities in Alaska.

  • Alaska Minerals Information System (AMIS) files

    The Minerals Availability (MAS) System was originally created by the U.S. Bureau of Mines as a national computerized database to monitor supply potential of minerals considered essential to the U.S. industrial base, including identification of major mineral deposits, evaluation of their resources, and production. At present hard copies of the files are available for public inspection at the Alaska Resources Library and Information (ARLIS) library in Anchorage.

  • Alaska Mineral Property Kardex Images and Index Maps: by 1:250,000 Quadrangle

    The Kardex files were a paper-based system developed by the Territory of Alaska in 1953 to track minerals information, especially mining activity. These files contain considerable historical information in regards to production, mining methods, and individuals involved. The U.S. Bureau of Mines created a series of overlays at 1:250,000 scale to show Kardex locations and property descriptions. The system was kept current into the mid-1990's.

  • Alaska Geospatial Data Clearinghouse

    Provides links to geospatial data provided by a variety of agencies

Libraries and archives

  • Alaska Mineral Industry Data Index (AKMIDI)

    Database of nearly 16,000 records of mineral information that are owned by 18 different groups around the state, including Native corporations, private companies, state libraries, and land managers

  • Goldmine

    Catalog of several Alaska library collections.

  • Geologic Materials Center inventory (DGGS)

    Inventory dataset which includes oil and gas well locations, mineral prospect locations, sample types, box-level details, and geologic formation-top picks for over 80% of the materials inventory available at the GMC.

Payments and compliance

Funding for the development of this page and many of the linked services was provided by the Federal Minerals Data and Information Rescue in Alaska (MDIRA) program. The primary objective of the MDIRA program was to ensure that all available Alaska minerals-related data are preserved in a safe and readily accessible format for potential users. In addition to this page, DGGS maintains several other MDIRA funded online data repositories.